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Available Free Parking

  for the visitors are those near to the Fleemarket

+ the Free Parkings of the Bowl Factory,

Doktor Jack and Goolfy at 300 m
at the Clos Lamartine via Chaussée de Nivelles

The Police set fine for parking violations
 Please inform your customers

Broc ParkingsVisiteurs

Please apologize for any inconvenience

caused during the work period.

We do our upmost to help you

and place you as well as possible.

Entrance via the Chaussée de Louvain
and the roundabout after the McDonalds
via the entrance by the Carwash
To the queue.


See map via this link
 Map to access the International Flea Market of Waterloo
and to join the queue before opening
Please put yourself in the queue towards the back of the warehouse.
Not before 9pm on Saturday evening
No parking available before 9pm
Due to the renovation work on the parking, the locations will be reduced
With a minimum of 2 locations
and a maximum of 5 locations
(maximum one extra location depending on the size of the vehicle)

Examples :
Vehicle of 2 places (small car max 3,5m)
max 3 locations

Vehicle of 3 places (larger car, station wagon, minivan, SUV, pickup truck… max 5m)
max 4 location with trail

Vehicle of 4 places (larger pickup truck, small truck, … max 7m)
max 5 locations 

We first fill the vacant locations on parking 1,

The International Flea Market of Waterloo
will take place ...
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Waterloo International Brocante
will take place

  this sunday 2018 1 avril 

in Waterloo
There has been no change location

The Waterloo International Flea Market does not have a branch.

and for the month of April 2018

Sundays 1-8-15-22-29 April 2018

as well as the holiday

from Easter Monday 2018 2 April from 6h00

opening and placement
at 5:00
Somer Hour Flee Market
(Holydays 6:00)
 Closing time 2:00 p.m (free and clean location)
Thank you to check the information on our website

Due to robbery on the International Flea Market of Waterloo, we ask you to be vigilant.
Please keep your money on you, close your vehicle
and stay on your location.

Reminder, it is COMPLETELY forbidden
to use the supermarket trolley
Please inform your customers and visitors about this matter



Small practical reminder

Reminder for exhibitors already coming on
Saturday afternoon or evening.
Please do not park in front of the Car-Wash,
Direct Sport and all access of the Carrefour store.

When does the Flea Market take place ? :
Every Sunday throughout the year and all 
public holidays

In 2018 april: all sundays 2018 april 1-8-15-22-29

(and more on the website) 

Also public holidays


 Useful information 

To access the International Waterloo Flea Market

You must have a member card 2018

(at the price of 20,00 €)
Minimum parking space, 2 parking places for 30,00 €
(15,00 € per one additional place)


So that everything goes well, we invite you to read or reread the rules of the Flea Market

For your convenience we remind you that the sale of your spreads batch


and that your site can in no case be rebooked.

A location = a seller.

The flea market is not a dump.

We deliver you own sales location, thank you to make it clean.

No waste will not be tolerated. Carried away with your trash.
We will exclude definitively and ruthlessly all offenders.
(Take a brush, pick and trash bag please)
See you on your Flea Market.

Team TOUT & Co​